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Fluffy Alpaca & Llamas

See the alpacas and llamas of Stay and Play Dog Boarding next time you're near Whitehorse, Yukon. We have cart rides in the yard and the close surroundings, with fun obstacle walks for the animals. There are even interactive tricks for you and your family to get involved with, like playing ball, giving kisses, following the target, or having a scratch. We also offer education talks about alpacas and llamas, and about Inca culture. Please contact us for more information.


For photoshoots, we can dress the alpaca and llamas in Gold Rush-era style. They wear suits, dresses, pants, blouses, and ample skirts. Fees depend on the time—please check with Stay and Play Kennel.

Camelids from the Andes

Enjoy informative talks about these creatures, which were domesticated some 6,000 years ago in the Central Andes. The Inca culture developed and maintained systematic camelid breeding programs, and separated flocks of alpacas according to their color and characteristics. Archaeological evidence suggests that alpacas were worshiped in Incan society, and native legends identify the alpaca as a gift from Pachmana, the Earth Mother, a gift loaned to humans for only as long as they were properly cared for. Below are some of the animals we care for at our dog boarding kennel.



This is a gentle and friendly alpaca. She is eight years old now, and is still considered young, because Alpacas live until 35 years of age. She is a stunning white, and has very good fiber.


Featuring a golden-brown fur coat, Chocolate knows how to present her figure and big black eyes. Always sporting a smile, she checks out newcomers with curiosity. She is only five years old, and is still wrapped in a charming childlike sweetness.


Raven is a huge, black llama with long ears curved like bananas. Her massive body is able to carry luggage of about 60 kg on a hike, and she is even trained to pull a cart. Unlike the alpacas, she can protect herself by fighting challengers.